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Back On The Road~Rachel Holbert Jones

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It's now May 2018 and I'm back on the road. I got started later this year than last. Last year I left in February and went to Texas and stayed in Oklahoma for two months.

My last stay last year(2017) was in Pikeville, Kentucky in my small subcompact hatchback(Ford Fiesta). As soon as I got back to the house I share with my ex husband(more on that later) I got my bigger car and drove to Hickory, NC and stayed a few days at the walmart there before going back. It was labor day weekend and we always go and dance.

I didn't go into the house until the first of November when I wasn't feeling well and it was getting cold and I don't like letting the engine idle although I have in the past when it was the only way I could stay warm.

Needless to say, I let my blogging fall by the wayside. When I'm in the house with him I rarely get out. I mostly stay at home and watch TV. When I do go out he goes too and I don't get an o…