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Update: My other car couldn't be driven when I left. It had something wrong with it. I did get something bigger, however. But am still stuck sleeping in the front seat.

Upper Sandusky, Ohio was my next stop after Tiffin. I thought I would stay even though walmart didn't have very good wifi. I assumed mcdonalds would be fine to access in the parking lot. This turned out not to be the case. I finally stopped at wendy's and watched an episode of Paranormal Survivor on youtube and a documentary on the disappearance of a 20 year old girl. I was falling asleep by the end.

I left this morning and made it to my next stop 20 miles down the road only to hit a fairly high bump/curb near the walmart parking lot. All four of my rims are already bent. I thought it looked as though it was bent enough to possibly flatten the tire. I called around to salvage yards and found one nearly 20 miles away that said they had some to fit my car. It was a wasted trip. When I got there I was informed they didn't. Apparently, the guy that runs the office doesn't know what's going on out in the yard or what parts they have or don't have. An utterly wasted trip. And no other salvage yards had any either.
I made my way back to walmart to get my tires balanced and am hoping this rim isn't so bad it will cause my tire to go flat. It happened twice on my Impala which also had steel rims. The rims have already been bent back in a few times.
It rides better. Just the other day I hit a big pothole pulling into the subway parking lot. I'm trying my best to be careful. I don't want a flat tire and don't want to end up buying a rim from the dealership.

At least I slept better last night. I spent a good portion of yesterday researching vehicles. Vans in particular for living. I can't buy anything right now but hopefully by the time I can I will have a pretty good idea of what's the best fit.
As I said in an earlier post, I still have a larger car which I will be driving in a few weeks. The downside is the back seats don't fold down so I'll be stuck sleeping in the front seat.

I can't see this being a good long term solution. 

I try to avoid caffeine. I used to drink alot of carbonated, caffeinated drinks and finally after suffering for months with acid reflux I cut it out along with fried potato chips. I still eat baked ones and sometimes regular ones but the need for a daily zantac has come to an end. Now I'm good with only taking a couple of rolaids once in awhile.

I'm crossing my fingers that this holds and I don't start having problems again.

This town is bigger. That means alot more shopping. I'm not sure it will mean less hassles but for the time I'm here I'll like it better.

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