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For the past couple of hours I've been watching Youtube videos trying to get some ideas on what I could do to make it more confortable living in a car. I would like one day to get into a van but right now that's not possible.
I watched several on vans but that's not really useful to me right now. It gives me ideas though.

Here's a link to a video that I found interesting, Living In A Car On $800 A Month.
This lady is 64 and disabled. At one time she was in a wheelchair. Her vehicle is a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am. It's about the size of what I'm in right now. She spends much of her time in Nevada/Arizona where she can camp on public land. I'm on the east coast so there's no public land plus I'd just be terrified out in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Not of the wildlife but of people. Who knows how many Ed Gein's there might be wandering around. No thank you.

The one thing I definitely disagree with is making a makeshift toilet in the car. However, I'm not in the desert and have easy access to public toilets. I still don't think I'd try to use the bathroom inside my car. If I were in the desert I'd put the buckets outside the car which would be easier and cleaner or inside a tent. Of course there may be other people nearby camping/living so outside the car with no sheets/coverings probably wouldn't be the wisest not to mention the smell. But I couldn't do it in the car. And I wouldn't want the smell in there either.

The other thing I have a problem with his taking out the seats. I've read quite a bit about people taking the seats out especially in small cars like the Honda Civic, Fit, Toyota Corolla or other small ones like her Grand Am. This doesn't appeal to me. This would be a last resort which would be an option for my Ford Taurus where the back seats don't fold down. But I have zero carpentry skills to build a platform for the bed and have no desire for my bed to come into the front seat area(most of these people take out the front seat and back seat). I am however, looking into making an area into the trunk if I can get the back seats down. I think a Taurus has enough cargo space for me to stretch out and still have two duffle bags with clothing. I unfortunately, like a lot of clothing with me but I can scale down to about 15 outfits maybe 20. I don't do laundry but about every three weeks or so and don't want to run out. The only other things I need are some food and a cosmetic bag with toiletries, etc. I can definitely scale back.

If I ever had to trade the vehicle and it happens(I traded my Ford Taurus for the Chevy Impala when the power seat went out, it had almost 250k and the dealership wouldn't fix it) I'm pretty sure that would cut the trade in value to nothing. Some dealerships won't take a car if it has a lot of miles but many will. The ones that deal with wholesalers will.

The other thing I've heard people talking about is keeping cold air from coming in from the trunk. I would have to figure that out.

Fortunately, I have a little more than $800 a month to live on. But I like to save at least $500 a month for car maintenance and repairs. And I will continue to save. Eventually, I'll have enough for something else. A van, maybe even an RV but I'd probably rather have a van. The gas mileage would be better depending on what I could find.

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