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Update: I didn't stay anywhere in Virginia, Tennessee or make it to the Outer Banks of NC. By my last night in Pikeville, Kentucky my back was hurting so bad in my hatchback that I had to leave. I headed back to NC and I got something else. I stayed in Hickory, NC for awhile and stayed in the Asheville area for nearly two months until I once again tried to share the house with my ex husband. Al we do is fight. From the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep we argue and fight about something then when I finally leave he wants me to return. Why? So we can continue fighting. This year it started taking a toll on my sugar levels. Not diabetic yet but I've had to make some changes in my diet to cut sugar, carbs and portions.

So I leave Marion, Ohio this morning and am now in Kentucky. I didn't sleep real good last night. I got cold early in the morning shortly before dawn. Right after I started my car to get warm I heard the guy in the van next to me who'd also slept in the walmart parking lot start it up(he had that reflectives tint, gold on the all back windows, silver on the front, pretty cool looking but obvious he slept in it). He left within a few minutes. I woke up two or three times early this morning then fell back to sleep and slept really hard with weird dreams. I finally had to go to the bathroom so bad I went inside walmart.
I looked at the weather and it's dropping down to upper 40's even though it's august. I decided I should probably leave as I hate letting my engine idle. I know what it did to my 2001 Ford Taurus. I ended up having to have a valve job because of all the idling. Who knows I may still have to but no point in making it happen sooner and it uses too much fuel even on a small car. That was the one great thing about my Taurus, I rarely dropped below 25-26 mpg even when I let it idle all night. That's provided I made sure it was full. My newer Taurus gets awful gas mileage but the one my ex husband is driving(the one I'm getting ready to take, it's bigger and will be more comfortable even though the back seats don't fold down) gets better gas mileage and it's had a tuneup so that should help.

It's been awhile since I stayed anywhere in Kentucky off US Highway 23. A couple of years ago when I had my Chevy Impala, was the last time. I've always liked Kentucky. I think it was November. I remember I stopped in Waverly, Ohio and it snowed overnight but not too bad.
A few weeks ago I stayed in Maysville, Kentucky which is off US Highway 68 then in Wilmington, Ohio then went back to Lexington, NC then back to Ohio within a few days. It was idiotic really. I'd been communicating with someone online that turned out to be a romance scammer. I've written about him on one of my other blogs where I give all the details.

Next to Michigan, Kentucky is my favorite state. I'll stay here a few days then head to North Carolina where I'll get my other car ready and take care of some financial issues, check my mail, etc.
I really hate getting out of my little car but the bigger one will be more comfortable. I miss it now that I'm in Kentucky. I drove the 2001 many times up through Kentucky.
I'll probably stay a couple more places through Virginia and Tennessee before heading to NC where I may have time to hit the Outer Banks. Which car I'll do that in I'm not sure yet. I have a few things to take care of. One room in the house(my ex husband stays there) where many of my clothes are stored collapsed a couple of months ago. I got estimates on fixing it but I don't have the money. The estimates were in the $10,000 range not including extra if the wood(which it does) needs to be replaced. It could easily run $15 to $20k for replacement. I don't have that kind of money and not knowing how much, I could end up wiping out what little savings I have. I need that for car repairs or something else that can't be avoided. I'd still have the problem of putting up with my ex husband and no running water and no plumbing. I really don't know what I'm going to do. I have my car and that's it.

I'm going to salvage as many items of clothing as I can but I know alot of it will be ruined. Some of it, cotton in particular, can be bleached if need be without totally ruining it. One time I soaked a pair of cotton pants in straight bleach and it bleached out evenly a lighter color. But I won't do that with too many items. Luckily, I purchased enough clothes this summer to do me awhile. I left without quite enough as I always do. And I'm just not one of those people content to make do with a few men's t-shirts and goodwill pajama pants. I like to look decent. I'll wear them if I have to but I don't like looking like I should still be in bed.
A couple of years ago I was perfectly content but I was also traveling through Wyoming and the Dakotas in the winter. I had to buy warmer clothes and pajamas were the warmest things I could find.

This year I have no intention of staying where it's cold. My plan is to go to Florida where it's warm in the winter then in the spring when it warms start heading back north. I want to avoid as much engine idling as much as possible.

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