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Okay, people reading my blog might wonder why I signed up for a dating site when I'm essentially homeless. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous. But even people living off the grid(as I like to call it) want love, affection and companionship. But doing so under normal circumstances is very, very hard especially for a woman approaching 50. Try doing it when you're without a home and it's even harder. I'm not sure what I was thinking. If I met someone, he'd somehow understand. Well, that's not the case. But in reality I wanted a friend, someone to talk to. It gets lonely on the road as many of those in my situation can attest to.
So I signed up for EHarmony which is a complete waste of money, Plenty Of Fish(free, I've been with them off and on for the last year) and Badoo(also free but mostly scammers) just to see what was out there. What I encountered on EHarmony within a week or so was a romance scammer. Of course I didn't know that to begin with. It was a couple of weeks. I felt so foolish and I was angry. The scammer was using Kostiantyn Stogniy's photos he got from his facebook page(he's a ukrainian journalist and quite handsome, married with two kids, the scammer also used Mr. Stogniy's daughter's photos as well and that's just sick).

Needless to say, which the scambaiters as they are called, don't recommend this, I strung the scammer along and wasted some of his time.

I initially started a blog for the purpose of relaying the scammer's details but there's really no need for that. So here is the first post about the scammer.

"Hello and welcome to my new blog. I started this blog because a few weeks ago I was targeted on the dating site Eharmony by a scammer. In the next post I will go into more detail about this particular scammer.

After this, I was also targeted by romance scammers via facebook.
Since that time, I've done a lot of research. I shared the details about this scammer on several different scam sites. But unfortunately, some of the information I wanted to share was censored out or removed. So I decided to start this blog where my postings won't be censored by moderators.
They don't want the scammers finding the information and I understand that but every time someone posts online about their experience it becomes a part of google and is searchable. There is certain things they didn't want to post as they thought it might help the scammers. Unfortunately, any sharing of information could in some way benefit the scam artists. But the only way to get the word out and try to keep women from becoming victims is to share experiences and tell women and men what to look for.

This blog is geared mostly towards women but I hope it can be of some benefit to men as well.
Since my first scammer contacted me I've also stumbled into websites about scambaiting and I will go into that as well. But first I want to concentrate on staying safe and guarding your money from these creeps.

On a final note, I didn't become a victim(meaning I didn't send my scammer any money). Unfortunately, many women have and will be."

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