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I first started this blog on my main domain but decided to move it here.

Hello, it’s been awhile since I wrote on this blog. In fact, I haven’t written anything really or added any photos. I’ve decided this blog isn’t going to be about photos. I have other blogs for that.
I started this blog over a year ago and haven’t kept up with it like I should.
This new blog is going to be about my life story, if you will. Starting from today going forward and including stories from my past.
The main theme of this blog is to recount my story as of right now which is living in my car. In the past I’ve been reluctant to talk about this part of my life. I don’t like to call it homelessness even though I live in a vehicle. I’m not sure what you’d call it. I sleep in my car every night because of a situation that wasn’t under my control. I’ve been off and on in my car for several years except a long time ago I would travel for a few days then come home. Mostly I left to avoid my ex husband’s alcoholism. I finally left for good. Eventually, I lived with someone(a roommate) for a year until his church started complaining about our living situation. The church people were making a stink about two people of the opposite sex living in the same household and that led to me having to leave. My roommate was the music director at his church and he said I had to leave. Since I wasn’t on the lease I had no choice but to pack up and get out. To this day I still harbor angry feelings about that particular situation because my roommate wasn’t man enough to stand up to the junior pastor. It was none of the church’s business but there’s nothing I can do about it but go forward.
Later, I tried sharing a house with my ex husband twice but it didn’t work out. So I left for the second time six months ago. Now the house is in such terrible disrepair I couldn’t stay there even if I wanted to. The roof is leaking so bad in spots it’s pouring in and parts of the roof have collapsed. There is no running water and no plumbing. While it still has power that won’t be for much longer. Eventually the house will be uninhabitable. But when I stayed there at least it was a roof over my head. Now I’m facing a much longer term living on the road in my car. I’m trying to save up money to possibly get an RV but they are very expensive. At least one worth having. And in that time I’ll probably need another car which will set me back to square one. But all I can do is save as much money as I can. A few months ago I had to spend nearly $3000 on my car for maintenance and repairs which didn’t help the savings part but the car had to be repaired.
I decided to start this blog because it’s time to relay my story and also because I’ve been approached a few times by well meaning people asking if I need help and if I’m okay. While I appreciate the kindness I often feel that people are just being nosey and I prefer to go unnoticed or least I assume I’m unnoticed. That may not be the case at all but no one asks me anything.
Once I start being noticed I know it’s only a matter of time before I have to leave and find another parking lot to sleep in. Then there’s the weather. When it gets too cold I have to find somewhere warmer to stay. When it gets too hot, someplace cooler.
There are no how to manuals online about living in a car. There are youtube videos which help some but nothing to really point a person in the right direction.
While these people are well meaning there is nothing they can do to help. They can’t fix the house or my ex husband. They can’t fix the situation where the church managed to get me run out of the place I was living. They can’t give me enough money for a place to live. They can’t change the managers or police when they decide it’s time for me to find another parking lot to sleep in. They have no control over any of it. And the resources that are available can’t change any of the factors associated with being homeless. When the police or managers want you to leave you will leave. I’ve been approached more than once by police or managers. They are usually very nice but I know if they come around again and I haven’t found a new town they won’t be so nice.
Anyway, I hope to stay as current as I can with this blog. It’s tough writing about my life, my story.
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