Got Woken Up Last Night~Tiffin, Ohio~Rachel Holbert-Jones

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Update: I got into a bigger car a week after this post even though I didn't think I could. I simply couldn't stand sleeping in a hatchback any longer. It was too uncomfortable.

I was in a small town in Ohio yesterday. About 2 AM a police officer raps on my window wanting to know if I'm okay. He was nice. I could barely get awake because I slept very poorly the night before with my back hurting. He didn't tell me to leave only that if walmart told me to I'd have to. I understand how that drill works. All in all, I'd rather have a police officer wake me than management because I have to leave immediately. It doesn't matter how tired I am. I told the officer I was too tired to drive further and needed to rest. He was fine with it and left.
I left this morning and found yet another small town. This one is very small but has a walmart and a couple of truck stops with almost no parking. But I figure it will suffice for a couple of days. I prefer a walmart with good wifi which this one doesn't have but Mcdonalds can be accessed from the parking lot. I'm trying to save as much money as I can this month. Next month I will lose about half of my income and my tenants have already moved out. The property management company will find more but I don't know how long it will take. And I'll be able to regain some of my income but don't know how much or how much tighter things will have to be. This puts getting into my bigger car off for awhile(update: a week later I got into something bigger).

Needless to say, I'm tired again today. Although I went right back to sleep. In fact, I dozed back off while he was running my tag.

That's the one downside of sleeping in a vehicle of any kind. I've read that people in vans have been woken up too even though the officers couldn't see inside. They just assumed and were right. I don't think putting a car cover over it would have made a difference. In fact, that would have made the officer suspicious and that's the last thing you want.

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