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Dating When Homeless~Rachel Holbert Jones

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This is an interesting topic. Not that I'm dating anyone or intend to in my situation. I have enough problems and I'm a very private person so telling anyone is out of the question. If I did date someone I wouldn't tell the truth about my current situation. Partly because I think it's none of anyone's business. I'm sure potential partners might think otherwise. Besides, all of my other relationships have failed why would one in this situation work?

Your Shelter Or Mine is an interesting article. Would You Date A Homeless Person If You Found Out? really puts into perspective what the majority of society thinks about homelessness and relationships. Most of the posters all said the same thing. This is only a very small percentage of people but reflects what many think in our society. The general consensus is that homeless people shouldn't be in relationships, having sex or dating. Which to a certain degree is …

So Close Yet So Far Away~Rachel Holbert Jones

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First written September 01, 2017

I'm back in the town I called home for years off and on. I've been traveling for 10 years now but always called this place home. Now I have to see it as just another town I'm visiting.

I'm slowly but assuredly becoming more disconnected.
I had a chiropractor appointment and I was going to push it off until next week but kept it because I forgot to cancel it. My back was hurting and she got a good movement out of it.  I may need to go again before I leave. I made the mistake of not going twice last year even though I really needed to after 3 car accidents.

When I was done I went to the dollar tree intent on getting a pack of peanut butter crackers and soda pop for lunch but got a thai tuna snack instead then found a place to park to eat it not far from where I used to live. It is a VFW. We(my ex husband and I) used to go there to dance all the time. It turns out it's where my ex boyfriend(…

Introduction To Romance Scams~Rachel Holbert Jones

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Okay, people reading my blog might wonder why I signed up for a dating site when I'm essentially homeless. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous. But even people living off the grid(as I like to call it) want love, affection and companionship. But doing so under normal circumstances is very, very hard especially for a woman approaching 50. Try doing it when you're without a home and it's even harder. I'm not sure what I was thinking. If I met someone, he'd somehow understand. Well, that's not the case. But in reality I wanted a friend, someone to talk to. It gets lonely on the road as many of those in my situation can attest to.
So I signed up for EHarmony which is a complete waste of money, Plenty Of Fish(free, I've been with them off and on for the last year) and Badoo(also free but mostly scammers) just to see what was out there. What I encountered on EHarmony within a week or so was a romance scammer. Of…

Back To North Carolina~Rachel Holbert Jones

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Okay, so I leave Pikeville, Kentucky a few days ago and arrive in North Carolina. I was excited about getting into my bigger car. I was thinking that I could make a bed in the trunk which my ex husband thought was a dumb idea but I just wanted to maybe sleep flat for a change. Not that I ever slept well flat but I've been having problems with my back and thought laying stretched out would be a good idea but no such luck. The seats fold but have a piece blocking a big chunk of the trunk so I can't make a bed in it. This probably was a dumb idea but it wasn't the worst idea. There goes sleeping flat.

Being that the car is bigger I can stretch out better. I can pull my legs up into the seat. It's easier to turn and more room to have a blanket draped over me. There's much more leg room and my feet don't hit the pedals so no more putting a shoe under the gas pedal to keep from pressing it in the middle of the night and re…

Pikeville Kentucky~Rachel Holbert Jones

So I wake up a a couple of nights ago and I can take sleeping in my small car no longer. My back is hurting partly because I need to see a chiropractor and I will see one in NC.
It's getting cold at night so I woke up very early cold and my legs and back cramped and my rearend hurting. It has been a long time since I felt that pain. I did pretty well sleeping in a subcompact for six months.
It was okay at first. In fact, just a couple of months ago I was doing well and I especially loved the gas mileage. That was so much better than the car I was in last year.
But the bigger car is also more comfortable for sleeping but nothing really beats a 2008 Chevy Impala. They are the most comfortable, best riding travel cars. I loved my Impala.

Needless to say, I haven't been sleeping well partly because of the cooler weather and partly my back hurting.

I'll be glad to get back to a bigger car and get my back treated. I'm hoping it will be better for sleeping. I was also hoping …

Ashland Kentucky~Rachel Holbert Jones

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Update: I went straight back to NC and didn't stop as I had intended. Got another car and headed to Hickory and later Asheville. My uncle(the minister I refer to in this post) passed away from lung cancer in September/October(I'm not exactly sure when). No one in my family told me. I found out from someone at the dealership when I was getting my car serviced. My aunt had a stroke and no one called and told me. That's my family, if you can call them that.

I left Ashland this morning. Not that I wanted to but I'm getting really tired of sleeping in my small hatchback and I need a change. I'm not sure how much better sleeping in the bigger car will be but it will be different. The 2001 Taurus I had(with steering wheel shifter) wasn't bad. It's better than a Taurus with floor shifter which is still better than a small hatchback.

It's also coming up time for the North Carolina Apple Festival. My ex husband …

Living In A Car On $800 A Month~Rachel Holbert-Jones

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For the past couple of hours I've been watching Youtube videos trying to get some ideas on what I could do to make it more confortable living in a car. I would like one day to get into a van but right now that's not possible.
I watched several on vans but that's not really useful to me right now. It gives me ideas though.

Here's a link to a video that I found interesting, Living In A Car On $800 A Month.
This lady is 64 and disabled. At one time she was in a wheelchair. Her vehicle is a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am. It's about the size of what I'm in right now. She spends much of her time in Nevada/Arizona where she can camp on public land. I'm on the east coast so there's no public land plus I'd just be terrified out in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Not of the wildlife but of people. Who knows how many Ed Gein's there might be wandering around. No thank you.

The one thing I definitely disagree…

Kentucky~Rachel Holbert Jones

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Update: I didn't stay anywhere in Virginia, Tennessee or make it to the Outer Banks of NC. By my last night in Pikeville, Kentucky my back was hurting so bad in my hatchback that I had to leave. I headed back to NC and I got something else. I stayed in Hickory, NC for awhile and stayed in the Asheville area for nearly two months until I once again tried to share the house with my ex husband. Al we do is fight. From the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep we argue and fight about something then when I finally leave he wants me to return. Why? So we can continue fighting. This year it started taking a toll on my sugar levels. Not diabetic yet but I've had to make some changes in my diet to cut sugar, carbs and portions.

So I leave Marion, Ohio this morning and am now in Kentucky. I didn't sleep real good last night. I got cold early in the morning shortly before dawn. Right after I started my car to get warm I heard the…

Ohio~Upper Sandusky~Rachel Holbert Jones

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Update: My other car couldn't be driven when I left. It had something wrong with it. I did get something bigger, however. But am still stuck sleeping in the front seat.

Upper Sandusky, Ohio was my next stop after Tiffin. I thought I would stay even though walmart didn't have very good wifi. I assumed mcdonalds would be fine to access in the parking lot. This turned out not to be the case. I finally stopped at wendy's and watched an episode of Paranormal Survivor on youtube and a documentary on the disappearance of a 20 year old girl. I was falling asleep by the end.

I left this morning and made it to my next stop 20 miles down the road only to hit a fairly high bump/curb near the walmart parking lot. All four of my rims are already bent. I thought it looked as though it was bent enough to possibly flatten the tire. I called around to salvage yards and found one nearly 20 miles away that said they had some to fit my car. I…

Got Woken Up Last Night~Tiffin, Ohio~Rachel Holbert-Jones

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Update: I got into a bigger car a week after this post even though I didn't think I could. I simply couldn't stand sleeping in a hatchback any longer. It was too uncomfortable.

I was in a small town in Ohio yesterday. About 2 AM a police officer raps on my window wanting to know if I'm okay. He was nice. I could barely get awake because I slept very poorly the night before with my back hurting. He didn't tell me to leave only that if walmart told me to I'd have to. I understand how that drill works. All in all, I'd rather have a police officer wake me than management because I have to leave immediately. It doesn't matter how tired I am. I told the officer I was too tired to drive further and needed to rest. He was fine with it and left.
I left this morning and found yet another small town. This one is very small but has a walmart and a couple of truck stops with almost no parking. But I figure it will suff…

The Best Vehicle To Live And Sleep In~Rachel Holbert Jones

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Update: After writing this post I was planning on folding down the rear seats in my Ford to see if I could make a bed like some of the articles online suggested. Unfortunately, while they fold down the entire seat doesn't fold down so this wasn't an option. Also just about any sedan will be better than a compact although the 2009 Pontiac G6 had little more room than a Ford Focus/Fiesta. The 2010 was better but the seats didn't recline all the way back and this a must on cars to sleep in. My ex husband never did get his car fixed from when the dopehead down the street stole it. The police recovered it but either the thief or the tow company busted the fuel lines and sway bar links.

Here are some articles that might help you if you are planning for a homeless situation. The 10 Best Cars To Live InBest Vehicle To Live In5 Cars You Can Actually Live In.

There's no doubt that the general consensus of the best vehicle t…

Parking Places When You're Homeless Part 2~Rachel Holbert Jones

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This is a followup to my last post on homeless parking spots. There is a blog with alot of information that is useful even if you don't agree with all of it. It's about taking ideas that work for some, your own ideas and information from other sites, combining it and coming up with something that works for you. Finding A Parking Place offers some good ideas although I don't agree with all of it. My last post Finding A Parking Place When You're Homeless talks about what works for me.

For me, walmart has been my consistent go to sleeping spot. It has worked relatively well for the short term which is no more than a couple of weeks. I'm lucky in that I have income. Not enough for an apartment but enough to live otherwise. My goal is to save at least $400 or more each month which I put into a car fund for repairs and maintenance which is essential if you're going to live in a vehicle. They must run good and look …

Parking Places When You're Homeless~Rachel Holbert Jones

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I found this blog and it is quite interesting and offers alot of advice and has alot of comments that also help. However, I don't agree with the bloggers idea of using a car cover on your vehicle to conceal it. Here's the blog post: Finding A Parking Place.

This guy was homeless from 1996 to 2001 and I assume by the way he talks he was out west somewhere. California maybe? I don't know.

What I can say is that almost certainly this wouldn't work in 2017 on the east coast. For one, there are far too many nosey people especially in the bible belt south. And Florida where police hassle everyone.
As a female alone I'm not parking in some deserted parking lot that would not only attract police but more importantly thieves and criminals. At the very least, I'd run the risk of being towed. A car sitting somewhere out in public with a car cover appears to be stored which would signal a tow truck and the police would f…

Midland Michigan~Rachel Holbert Jones

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Update: I later got stopped in Tiffin, Ohio(while asleep in my car) which is a very small town after only about 5 days there. As always, I left the very next day. It's amazing how much police officers notice. I believe he'd seen me prior to this day asleep in my car and didn't say anything.

The last place I stayed was Midland, Michigan. I liked it there and stayed almost three weeks which is about the average for someone living in a car. I think the car I'm in this year(a small red hatchback) is more noticed than the car I was in last year which was a gray Ford Taurus. One thing that doesn't help my little car is that it has some body damage on one side where my ex husband wrecked it a few years ago. I got the fender straightened but couldn't do the paint work. And it's red.
Last year I stayed in Murray, Kentucky for 48 days before leaving. No one said anything but I started to feel I'd overstayed my …

Introduction August 6, 2017~Rachel Holbert Jones

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I first started this blog on my main domain but decided to move it here.

Hello, it’s been awhile since I wrote on this blog. In fact, I haven’t written anything really or added any photos. I’ve decided this blog isn’t going to be about photos. I have other blogs for that. I started this blog over a year ago and haven’t kept up with it like I should. This new blog is going to be about my life story, if you will. Starting from today going forward and including stories from my past. The main theme of this blog is to recount my story as of right now which is living in my car. In the past I’ve been reluctant to talk about this part of my life. I don’t like to call it homelessness even though I live in a vehicle. I’m not sure what you’d call it. I sleep in my car every night because of a situation that wasn’t under my control. I’ve been off and on in my car for several years except a long time ago I would travel for a few days then come ho…

Introduction By Rachel Holbert Jones

Update: I've been away for awhile but am back now. To view my other blogs go to The Front Page.

I first started this blog on my main domain where I had pictures but decided to put it here where I have other blogs. Here I talk primarily about living in a car/vehicle, some of the things that got me to this point and references to other sites as well as what I've learned along the way in the time I've spent on the road so far.

I first started traveling and sleeping in my car ten years ago but didn't live in it. I lived in my car for over a year when I left my ex husband who's an alcoholic. Later I lived with someone for over a year until his church started complaining about us living together without benefit of marriage and I had to leave. For this reason, I have no respect for church, churchgoers or holier than thou christians. I consider myself christian but don't conform to modern religion.
I talked to a few people about it and posted online and was told it was…